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Getting Started With WonderFi - Funding

WonderFi Tutorials
WonderFi Tutorials

After creating your free WonderFi account, you need to fund it so you can start building your DeFi portfolio and track your performance over time.

You can do this by transferring assets from your existing wallet or exchange account such as Coinbase or Binance.

Start on the FUND tab of the app, and click ‘Transfer’.

Make sure the assets you’re planning on transferring are in the list of assets supported on WonderFi.

Use the QR code provided (if using a mobile wallet) or copy the wallet address provided.

On your external wallet or exchange, initiate a transfer or withdrawal of the asset of your choice and use the wallet address you’ve copied as the destination of the transfer.

Don’t forget to check the network used for the transfer is ERC-20 or Ethereum.

After the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, the funds will appear on your WonderFi account and your dashboard will show the value of your asset in real time!

You can also directly connect an existing wallet such as Metamask to WonderFi, or purchase crypto using your credit card or bank account.

You’re ready to explore the opportunities of decentralized finance!

Get started with WonderFi today!

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