Bringing fair, efficient and accessible finance to the masses.

We believe everyone should have equal access to finance. Our mission is to empower people around the world to access DeFi in a simple, smart and secure way.

Shaping the future of finance.


We develop solutions that make the new digital world of finance accessible to everyone.


We invest in assets and infrastructure that power Decentralized Finance.


We are an active collaborator, partner and integrator to leading teams and protocols.

Our Team

Ben Samaroo

CEO & Director

Cong Ly


Dean Sutton

CSO & Director

Sheona Docksteader

Corporate Secretary

Kartik Bajaj

Director of Technology

Eliana Lopez

Senior Software Engineer

Katherine Zhang

UI/UX Designer

Steve Krause


Kelly Chatsick

Director of Operations

Stanislav Korsei

Head of Product

Simon Mathonnet

Head of Growth

Emilie Round

Content & Community Manager

Eron Floarea


Anatoly Kudrevatykh

Lead Software Engineer

Hyoje Lee

Junior Software Engineer

Michael Kim Sing

Software Engineer

Satya Kumar

Software Engineer

Zhi Ye

Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Ben Samaroo

CEO & Director

Dean Sutton

CSO & Director

Stephanie Li

Independent Director

Sean Clark

Independent Director

Mark Binns

Independent Director

Our Strategic Partners

Sam Bankman-Fried

Strategic Investor

Kevin O'Leary

Strategic Investor

Josh Richards

Strategic Investor

Leonard Latchman

Strategic Investor

In The Press

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