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WonderFi Savings

With WonderFi Savings you can earn significantly higher interest on your assets than you would with a traditional savings account. Your savings products are backed by Compound Finance and carry the lowest risk score across interest rate products in the DeFi investment universe.


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12 years

Automate your portfolio

See the trend. Own the market. Index funds power public equities. DeFi indexes let you own the assets powering DeFi.

WonderFi has partnered with the top protocols in the space to offer users the most effectively designed indexed products on the market.


Buy and sell digital assets in just a few clicks.

Optimize your portfolio with WonderFi’s curated list of high-quality digital assets. Buy & Sell at the lowest cost to achieve your desired allocation from your mobile, tablet or browser.


Lend Digital Assets. Compound Your Wealth.

Earn interest by lending your digital asset holdings via Compound Finance, the most trusted lending protocol in the DeFi ecosystem. Interest accrues every 15 seconds so you can sit back, relax and watch your assets grow in real time.



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